Holistic travel experience: Congratulations to Flytoget for their Award of Design Excellence 2013


Since the opening of the express rail link to Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport in 1998, Flytoget has been pushing ongoing further development with the aim of minimising travellers’ own exertions and enhancing the customer experience. Flytoget can show unusually positive feedback and preference from its customers in a category marked by much negative attention.

The Flytoget airport express train is a classic within service design. Even after almost 14 years of operations, the service is still considered to be in the forefront with improvements that provide an extremely good experience for travellers. The focus on the service experience and service design permeates the entire organisation and is clearly appreciated by travellers. With a series of successful measures, Flytoget has minimised the actions necessary for travellers to perform while at the same time accommodating a diversity of needs. This has been achieved by ever more simplification of the primary points of contact, the actual customer journey and the self-service systems. In particular, the jury wishes to highlight the fact that the Flytoget airport express train was the first train in the world to introduce ticket-free travel. The service also consists of secondary points of contact including hosts, web pages, mobile app etc. Flytoget has a very clear strategy as to how the staff can best contribute to the desired customer experience.

We are proud to have done our share of competance and to be part of the team which made this possible.

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